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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dragons and Parasites and Zombies yee ha

"Every Other Day" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


  This is a story about a girl who alternates her days between human and other. One day she's a human high school student who keeps to herself unnoticed, and the next she's a butt kicking demon hunter with supernatural abilities.
  By page 86 I could think only one thing.
 "I can't believe how much I love this book"
 It was witty, funny, and oozed imagination. It had originality, an engrossing and unpredictable story, and Dragons. You can't forget Dragons.
  The action scenes were wicked and non stop.
(quote) " Drenched in blood with bodies spread like petals at my feet." Does that sound like a butt kicking time or what? I had to stop myself from hooting out loud in fear of waking my sleeping family. The way she described things had me so absorbed. It was like I was actually there, fighting hell hounds alongside Kali.
  Everything that happened was unexpected. It was like opening little presents. "Surprise" it would say at each turn in the story. It was truly a joy and one of the funnest books I've ever read.
  The characters were great. The way she made all of them count and become such a part of the story even if they only had one scene spoke highly of her talent for character development. I immediately felt a connection with them just after a few words spoken.
 Kali was a great lead. You couldn't help but get sucked into the heart aching tale of survival, loss, and the sense of being alone, unlike anyone else in existence. I found myself in tears at the tender moments. My emotions all wrapped up in Kali's. Under that kick butt exterior was a girl with very human emotions and attachments. I really loved watching her character develop and evolve throughout the story.
  This is a must have so you should definitely add it to your list of books to buy for December.

5/5 stars     

Dragons and Parasites and Zombies yee ha

"Every Other Day" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


  This is a story about a girl who alternates her days between human and other. One day she's a human high school student who keeps to herself unnoticed, and the next she's a butt kicking demon hunter with supernatural abilities.
  By page 86 I could think only one thing.
 "I can't believe how much I love this book"
 It was witty, funny, and oozed imagination. It had originality, an engrossing and unpredictable story, and Dragons. You can't forget Dragons.
  The action scenes were wicked and non stop.
(quote) " Drenched in blood with bodies spread like petals at my feet." Does that sound like a butt kicking time or what? I had to stop myself from hooting out loud in fear of waking my sleeping family. The way she described things had me so absorbed. It was like I was actually there, fighting hell hounds alongside Kali.
  Everything that happened was unexpected. It was like opening little presents. "Surprise" it would say at each turn in the story. It was truly a joy and one of the funnest books I've ever read.
  The characters were great. The way she made all of them count and become such a part of the story even if they only had one scene spoke highly of her talent for character development. I immediately felt a connection with them just after a few words spoken.
 Kali was a great lead. You couldn't help but get sucked into the heart aching tale of survival, loss, and the sense of being alone, unlike anyone else in existence. I found myself in tears at the tender moments. My emotions all wrapped up in Kali's. Under that kick butt exterior was a girl with very human emotions and attachments. I really loved watching her character develop and evolve throughout the story.
  This is a must have so you should definitely add it to your list of books to buy for December.

5/5 stars       

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Match Made In High School" by Kristin Walker. A Must Read as in you must read this book right now. Drop what you are doing, go to the book store or library and get this book. Yes, it's that good.

5/5 stars

Why has no one told me about this book? I am a frequent watcher of youtube review videos and feel I have been let down by the book community. What a jewel of a book this was. I highly recommend this book but only if you love to laugh. This book is not for the broody at heart. 
I have never laughed so hard in my life. I snorted, gasped, and wheezed until the very last page. I had to pause several times to wipe the tears of hysteria and to gather myself so I could continue reading.
I loved all of the characters and the chemistry between them. The witty banter was hilarious. I fell completely in love with Fee's parents. They were a hoot. My favorite character though had to be Fee. I loved spending time in her head.
For the most part things were pretty predictable and some things like the main plot was pretty far fetched but the book could have been about two plants trying to transplant to Arizona and it wouldn't have taken away from how fantastic this book was. As long as Kristin Walker is writing it, it will be hilarious.
Very rarely do I fell like I could read a book again right away, but if I wasn't lending it to a friend I would start it over. This is a book that I will read over and over, at least a few times a year. Definitely my go to book for a laugh. I will definitely be reading all of her future work. I am a fan.


What am I reading?

I am currently reading "The Spirit Thief" by Rachel Aaron.
 I am surprised by how much I am enjoying this book so far. It doesn't seem like a book I would normally pick up but the cover just drew me in and let me tell you. I am only 29 pages in and it is fantastic so far. It's about a thief who decides to steal a king to increase the bounty on his head. He is also a wizard who seems to be able to charm his way into or out of anything. The idea that everything has a soul, even the door to his prison cell, and that a wizard has the ability to charm all around him is so intriguing.  The writing is beautiful and whimsical and I just love it. For a better synopsis and other reviews of this book, here is the link to amazon. Check this book out, it's great.



"Shattered Dreams" by Ellie James

 Trinity has lived her life secluded in the mountians with her grandmother. Only the faint memories and whispers of her parents are all that she has left of them. When her hrandmother dies she goes to live with her Aunt in New Orleans, a city rich in the unexplained.
  Trinity is trying to fit into the culture of public High school for the first time in her life and Jessica, the girlfrient of the Chase, the boy Trinity likes, has set her sights on Trinity in a game of "Who's the best female" all claws and teeth.
  The story picks up in a creepy abandon house in what seems like an innocent game of Truth or Dare, but are teenage games ever really that innocent? Trinity's gift shows up uninvited and scary as heck to warn her that something bad is going to happen. At the evening's end the true nature of the game Jessica is really playing with Trinity is revealed in all it's villianous glory. Trinity is left to face ridicule and himuliation at school by the very people she tried so hard to fit in with, the very source of said humiliation. Her "gift" again shows up to warn her something bad is going to happen.
   In an ugly twist of fate it seems Trinity is the only one who can help.
  I found myself completely enveloped in the story. I hung on every word tensly, waiting to see what happened next. The pacing was fast, things constantly happening left little room for down time. All the events and things  that happened was expected, always surprising. All of the details of the story were so beautifully told.
  I really liked Trinity's character. I was drawn in by her. I felt like I was on the journey with her, learning things about her past, about her family. I found myself able to sympothyze with her and be frustrated, like her at being so close but unable to help, and balancing between trying to help and retain her innocence. Her "gift" showed her things that she should only know if she was involved with the crime. Thanks goodness for her Aunt who always believed in her and never doubted her innocence. She was a solid support for Trinity through everything and I loved that about her.
  Chase wasn't a favorite character for me. He seemed an open book. There was no mystery about him, nothing that drew me to him. I found myself annoyed when I was supposed to be sympethetic toward him.
  Chase had a story to tell but it always seemed random and out of the blue, forced almost. It didn't blend well into the rest of the story. I think that maybe his story anout the things that he lost or the feelings he had towrd his parents were meant to relate to Trinity some how, but in the end it really had nothing to do with the plot. It ust seemed to be a storyline that didn't fit anywhere.
  I did find that I liked him more by the end of the book but his character development came nowhere near the development of Trinity. I thought her development was realistic for what she had gone through.
  There were a few confusing parts that caught me off gaurd. Sometimes things would come out of nowhere that were rather random. I'm ust assuming here but this seems like the first book in a series and that maybe things will be better explained in the books to come. There are still a few unanswered questions and I hope that there are future books to answer them.
  In all I really liked this book. It kept me tense and guessing and hungry for more.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow, it's been a while

I know, I know, it's been forever. I'm not going to list the many excuses but I will say that I have missed blogging. I have a fantastic haul coming and a few reviews.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"The Ghost and the Goth"

 This is a review for "The Ghost and the Goth" by Stacey Kade.

 I really liked this book. It had the perfect amount of humor, relationship building between the characters, and emotional moments to make this book great.
  The story was told between Will and Alona's point of views, alternating with each chapter. I really love when authors do this. It gives me a good understanding of the characters. I think that Miss Kade's talent really shows through at how the transition between POV flows so easily and how distinct her characters voices were.
  I was a little worried about the ending. I mean, a story about a ghost? How can that end happily right? Well I wont spoil it for you but I was very satisfied with the ending.
  There were never any "Aha" or "Omg, no way" moments, nothing that took me by surprise, but there were plenty of other positives that satisfied. I gave this book a 4/5. It was great and will be checking out the second book in this series "Queen of the Dead"

Happy reading,


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't you just love Library sale's? Huge book haul.

 Let me start off with saying that I went to my Goodwill and found some really great books. 20 to be exact. WooHoo, 20 books. All YA books are classified as childrens books so they are 79 cents a book. The pocketbook paperbacks are also 99 cents a book. So I spent about 20 dollars with tax.
  So the next day the Library two towns over was having a books sale. I have been to one other Library sale and it was fabulous, so naturally I was excited. It was pretty small but I got there early so I had the first pick. There were tables and tables filled with wonderful looking books just waiting for me to pick them up and buy them.
  I ran around grabbing books, piling them in the corner until I went through every single book. They were all well organized which was a plus.
  I payed, hauled my "haul" out to the car and drove home. Well I drove to two other Libraries to see what they had in their for sale section, because I didn't have enough books already right? I set them all into piles and stared at them. Yes I stared at them and smiled with glee at my fabulous book haul.
  I counted 85 books, yes that's 85 books, hehe. Add that to the 20 books I got the day before and that adds up to the biggest book haul in history. !05 books. Can you imagine my happiness? Through some very creative piling and shoving they all fit on my existing shelves but pretty much put me at capacity. So now my plan is to switch my hobby room with my son's room (the biggest room in the house) and turn that into a hobby/Library. We gave him that room with the condition that he would keep it clean or at least make an effort and 6 months later you can't even walk into it. So it's mine, mwahahah. Just think, my own Library. (Happy sigh)

Happy reading,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"The Truth About Forever"

 Book review of "The Truth About Forever" by Sarah Dessen

I have 9 Sarah Dessen books. Yes that would be 9 and for some reason I have not read any of them until now. They have been sitting on my shelf even though everyone in the entire book world talks about her. I received each one, said "Aw what a pretty cover" and set it on my shelf. I would find another one, order it, and would I read it? No " Aw pretty cover" then on the shelf it went.
  I received my ninth book by her in the mail yesterday. After admiring the cover I was about to place it home where the rest of her book reside when I gave a slight pause. I realized that I was between YA books and figured it was about time I read one of hers. I looked over all the tittles and decided on this one, the thickest one I had.
  Why did I wait so long? Don't you hate when you finally get to a book that has been sitting on your shelf for a year, read it, and it is the most fantastic book ever? All the other books that could never compare to said book play through your mind and you actually get mad at yourself for wasting your time on such crap. " I could have been reading "The Truth About Forever" instead of...
   If you haven't gathered yet how I felt about  this book I can make it a little clearer.  I loved this book.
  I really did. I wasn't surprised, I knew that it would be good. Let me remind you that I owned 9 books of an author before I had even read one paragraph of her writing. I just assumed that I would love her.
  I am taking it apon myself to give her the title "Queen of Contemporary YA Fiction" it's a mouthful I know, but she has earned this tittle. Book after book of fantastic writing and a huge fan base is proof that she is the best. Granted I have only read one of her books so far but if her other books are anything like this one, which I'm guessing will be the case, she is my new favorite.
  The book was full of lovable characters, with the exception of a few that I loved to hate, and fantastic story. I laughed, cried, and fell in love along with the characters. Miss Dessen's writing really drew me in from the first word and held me until the very last. The way she tells a story had me pausing just to take it in. I would close my eye's and replay it in my mind. That's what really made this book great. Those little moments.
  I look forward to all of her other books and am excited that I don't have to wait so long before I can read another one of her books just as so many long time fans have had to.

5 star book.
Happy reading,

Monday, May 2, 2011


 This is a review for "Ascension" by Sable Grace. This book is an adult paranormal romance and suggested for readers 18 and older.


  I loved this book. There was never a dull moment with the non stop action and romantic friction causing all the right kind of tension I expect in a good book. Though "Ascension" would have been much better categorized as Urban Fantasy, the romance was certainly present.
  The writers have created a world where all things myth and legend exist. It fit together seamlessly, all of the mythical creatures co-existing to produce a completely original story. I mean God's, Vampyre's, Werewolves, and zombies? Who knew the greatness of all these legendary creatures could fit so well into 374 pages?
  I really liked all of the characters but my favorite had to be Kyana. Her endless quips had me laughing out loud, drawing attention from the people around me at Starbucks- my favorite place to read. - At one point the woman across from me commented
 "Wow, that must be a really good book"
 If it hadn't been a questionably appropriate part I would have re-read the scene for her out loud. The delicious picture would have had the older woman's face burning and would have sent her scrambling to cover her granddaughter's ears.
  There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing until the very end. A certain revelation had me falling off of my couch in pleasant shock. I still giggle about it when I think back.
  I am anxious to see the reaction of all of the characters to the finale twist in the end as well as the character development throughout the rest of the series. 
  The end left me pining after the next installment, eager to have all of my lingering questions answered and excited to visit again.
  My only complaint is the confusion I felt when the Point of View would switch because there was no warning that this would happen. One minute we would be in Kyana's head and then next Ryker's. When I figured out that the POV had switched, I would have to go back and re-read those few sentences. A larger space between the paragraph's indicating a POV switch would have been helpful.
  In all a very minor negative compared to so many positives in this fantastic debut. Buy this book, you will not be disappointed.

Happy reading,

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ranting rant fest.

 So I was reading over some of the reviews that people have posted about my favorite Adult series, and it shocks  me how personal people take the writing works of others. It seems as if it is their very life force and if the writer does not write how "they" want or the story does not go how "they" want it to that the writer has then wronged them in some unfathomable way. As if the writer has gone out of her way to personally offend her readers. I'm sorry, but your not that special.
  I have heard many a writer explain that "I do not write the story, the story writes itself and I am just the vehicle in which to bring the story into fruition." It seems so true as I always start my story's with an idea and by the third chapter it has completely changed to something else. The names of the characters as well as their personalities "write themselves" as they say. They just flow out like they have always been a character, they were just waiting for me to put them on paper.
  I am not talking about honesty here. I am not talking about lying and giving a false review. I am talking about respect. You can give an honest review of a book that you hated and be respectful about it. 
  I get that you are emotionally attached to a book or characters in a book and that sometimes things happen that we don't like. I even understand getting upset and say throwing a book across the room. Believe me when I say that I have had my share of book throwing tantrums myself as you may have noticed in my review of "Blood and Chocolate" but to personally attack the writer and vow that you will never read anything else from this author again because "I didn't like what you did to..., even though I loved your books up until this point",  or going as far as to say that they are racist and completely attacking their character as a person. I just don't understand people who take things so personally. Again, I get the getting upset part. I am guilty of getting this emotionally attached but for goodness sake, don't publicly attack the author because you didn't like her book.
 Now if the writer has strongly come across as having some personal chatacter flaws such as being racist, or giving a message that is completely innapropriate then sure, rant away if you feel so inclined but keep in mind. This is their work, this is themselves they put out there for everyone to see, to read. It certianly made me think twice about writig or ever trying to publish my work. It makes me question myself. Would it really be worth it? To have such hate spat at me for writing a book?
 Oh and for God's sake, please stop comparing every YA book to "Twilight". Stephenie Meyer did not corner the market on broody boys or forbidden love. Books about a supernatural being who falls in love with a human girl because she is special and different from any other human that they have encountered, though these books may be silly and seem over the top at times and a bit overdone are not copies of "Twilight." 
 I mean The Dark Divine by Bree Despain a "Twilight" rip off? I mean who saw that coming? I certainly didn't.

Happy reading,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Lover Enshrined"

 This is a review for "Lover Enshrined" by J.R. Ward.

WARNING, this book is for mature readers only. I recommend this book for ages 18 and older.

 I had forgotten how much I love this series, the characters, and the world that J.R. Ward has created. I started these books months ago and when I got to "Lover Unbound" I was a little disappointed. I stopped reading about half way through the book and set it aside. Then today I picked it back up, finished it, then read "Lover Enshrined" and I was once again completely pulled into the story.
  We have followed Phury on his long and painful journey through the series and we finally get to read his story. It was one of my favorites, ( yes I say that about all of the books, lol) and not just because Phury finally gets his happy ending but because we get to see how much all the characters have grown and developed.
  This series isn't your typical romance, it's so much more than that. Miss Ward has brilliantly constructed a world and society of characters that will make you laugh, cry, love, and hate. Each book is like a puzzle piece put into place. As the books go on the bigger picture is revealed in the most well thought out series I have ever read.
  So much of the story is about all of the characters and not just the two main love interests, although their story is fully present. Some of the most beloved characters don't have their own book as of yet, ( well they have their own book, I just haven't read it yet) and I always love to see their development as the series goes on.
 I look forward to the remaining books in this series as well as J.R. Ward's next series, and I look forward to what the future holds for the Brothers.

Definitely a 5 star book.
Happy reading,

Friday, April 22, 2011

"The Forest of Hands and Teeth" Spoilers. If you don't want it ruined for you, don't read.

"The Forest of Hands and Teeth" by Carrie Ryan.

I am going to warn you again that this review will contain spoilers and ruin the end for you.

  I will start out with the only positive that this books holds for me. Carrie Ryan's writing is really beautiful. It's poetic, and holds a bit of magic in the way she tells the story. That said it almost makes it worse. How someone can write so beautifully about death and tragedy. Death isn't supposed to be beautiful and it caught me off guard several times in the story. I would get so caught up in how her words flowed together and then BAM dead baby, or BAM a beloved character would die. It made it that much more disturbing for me.
  I know that so many people loved this book. I know that people have been raving about this series for months, but I don't really get it. The book world must be full of people who love to ball their eye's out and feel unfulfilled by an ending.
  I don't recommend this book unless you like books where everyone dies accept the main character of course who has basically lost everything she has ever cared about accept the beach, she has the beach dang it, likes books with no real ending, and desires to spend the next few hours reading about death and no real hope of a future.
  Still interested in reading "The Forest Of Hands and Teeth"? Go for it but I will give you the one warning I wish someone had given me. DON'T GET ATTACHED TO ANYONE. Or you will be really sad when they die.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars. Despite how I felt about this book personally, I am judging this based on Carry Ryan's writing and because the book was written well, I didn't feel right about giving this book a 1 star review.

Happy reading,

Books, books, books.

I got 31 books today. Wow, ya 31 books. So here goes,


"The Replacement" by  Brenna Yovanoff

"Twilight" The Directors Notebook

"Behemoth" by Scott Westerfeld

"Stargazer" by Claudia Gray

"What I saw and How I Lied" by blundell

"The book Of Luke" by Jenny O'connell

"Never Slow Dance With a Zombie" by E. Van Lowe

"The Possibility of Fireflies" by Dominique Paul

For the adult books I am just going to put the name of the book and who the author is. I'm not going to put the links up it would take forever.

"Kissing In Manhattan" by David Schickler
"Beyond the Darkness" by Alexandra Ivy
"Hidden" by Eve Kenin
"Kiss of a Dark Moon" by Sharie Kohler
"Heaven's Spite" By Lilith Saintcrow
"The Shattered Sylph" by L.J. McDonald
"Come the Night" by Susan Krinard
"Angel In a Red Dress" by Judith Ivory
"My Zombie Valentine" Anthology
"Wicked Nights" by Nina Bangs
"Born To Be Bad" by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Touch of Seduction" by Rhyannon Byrd
"Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg" by Tawny Taylor
"Pleasure of a Dark Prince" by Kresley Cole
"Night After Night" by Kathryn Smith
"To Crave a Blood Moon" by Sharie Kohler
"Her Vampire Husband" by Michele Hauf
"Night Myst" by Yasmine Galenorn
"Irresistible" by Mary Balough
"Shadow Bound" by Erin Kellison
"Shadow of the Vampire" by Megan Hatfield
"Ecstasy" by Jaquelyn Frank
"Hard to Handle" by Lori Foster ( seriously, I don't know why I keep buying her books. They are a little to adult for me.)

Fwew, happy reading y'all

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where I buy books

 I thought that I would mention all of the places that I get my books.

The Library:
My favorite place to buy books is the discarded library book room at my local library. Yes, you heard right. It's a whole room. So what if it's small and can only fit about 3 adults in there at a time. It's a whole room. I have found so many great YA books there. I have to deal with the library binding, but for 50 cents per book I am good with peeling stickers.

 I love this site. It is an online book swap site the member ship is free. You also don't have to swap with one specific person which I loved. You put all of the books that you don't want on your books shelf and when someone requests one of your books you mail it at your expense.  Then when they receive the book you get a credit to spend anywhere on the site. It's great. They also have paperbackswap marketplace. You can buy some really great books for really great prices. Some are a better price on Amazon, but I bought my hardback copy of "Paper Towns" by John Green there with shipping for $5.00

My local thrift stores are a great place to find books. The Goodwill is my favorite. Kids and Teen books are 78 cents, pocket book paperback's are 99 cents, bigger paper backs are 1.99 and hard covers are 2.99.

Half Price Books 
I love to buy at Half Price Books but don't ever try to trade in books. It is insulting. They only offered me 20% of the price that they would have sold the books for. I laughed at the guy when he told me his offer for my books. I'll never do that again.

Great place to buy hardcover books. They are usually half the price of the list price. They also have the Amazon Market Place. Shipping is always 3.99 but when the seller lists the book for under a dollar you can't really beat the price.

Occasionally I will find a good deal on Ebay. Most of the time the price for used books on ebay are the same if not more then the brand new price on Amazon though. I find this mostly with YA books. I did find my hardback copy of "Heist Society for under 5.00 shipped on Ebay, like I said, you will occasionally find a good deal.

That is pretty much where I find my books.
Happy reading,

Books this week


 I recieved a few books this week.

"Forgive My Fins" by Tera Lynn Childs

"Balefire" Cate Tiernan

"Heist Society" by Ally Carter

"Betrayal" by Lee Nichols

A classic,
"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
 This was my all time favorite movie and since I have never read a classic I thought that I would start with this one. I even got the movie cover. It's so pretty.
This link is for the music book but since I couldn't find the book I would post this link. It is the same cover but instead of being the music book, it is the actual book.

Some adult books 

 "Just One Sip" An anthology by Katie MacALISTER, Jennifer Ashley, and Mina Webber

"The Warlord's Daughter" by Susan Grant

"My Immortal" by Erin McCARTHY

"Visions of Heat" by Nalini Singh

Happy reading,


Music? On a book blog?

 I try to keep my blog "all things book" related but I had to find a way to mention this very favorite new band I found. Their called "A Fine Frenzy" and they are amazing. The lead singer has this hauntingly sweet voice that made me want to cry a little when I first heard it. It's so beautiful.
  I was listening to it one day and thought "this song must be in a movie" and I immediately thought "Wicked Lovely" the book by Malissa Marr that is being turned into a movie. So there you go. It really is book related. Here is the link to my three favorite songs by them.



Are they not magical?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book mention - Ascension

 "Ascension" by Sable Grace

This book looks great. I am so excited to get to review this book.

Happy reading,

"A Brush of Darkness"

Review " A brush of darkness" by Allison Pang

This review is for an adult urban fantasy. I do not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 18 due to the nature of content and explicit scenes.

  "A Brush of Darkness" is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre. It was full of great characters, my favorite being a certain miniature Unicorn who has a fetish for biting and woman's  unmentionables. This book mentions certain characters that we don't get to meet yet. That fact and how the book ended has left me hungry for the next installment.
  I thought that the world that Allison Pang created was both unique and magically dark. It had that something special that took this book from good to great.  I also loved the aspect of the ability's that our heroine had. Books like this is why I love this genre so much.

Happy reading,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Mention- The Night Circus

"The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern

Can you believe this cover? I would buy this book just for how beautiful the cover is but the synopsis looks incredible, like nothing I have ever read before. The release date is Sept. 13th and it is definitely at the top of my "to pre-order" list.


Book Mention- Distract my hunger

"Distract my Hunger" by X. Williamson

This book looks really good and the cover looks awesome. This book comes out Jan. 31st and is on my "to pre-order" list.


"amy and rogers epic detour"

 Book Review

  This book was really enjoyable. It had all of the things I look for in a good book. Great characters, a great adventure, and a good romance. All of the little details throughout the chapters like playlists, and little quirky side notes really added that something special. I loved the development of Amy throughout the story. This book had me emotionally involved from the beginning and I really felt for Amy through her struggles.
  I loved all of the side characters, even more then the main characters in fact. My favorite was a girl called Bronwyn. I really fell in love with her. She gives Amy a gift in both the metaphorical and physical sense that had me laughing and crying a the same time.
  I laughed, cried ( well bawled my eye's out is more like it) and smiled contentedly often. It was great and I highly recommend this book.

I gave "Amy and Rogers Epic Detour" 4 of 5 stars

Happy reading

"Blood and Chocolate" Spoiler alert

Book Review

I ordered this book after reading all the 5 star reviews that people posted on amazon. I am going to have to go against the majority here and say how disappointed I was in this book. We follow Vivian Gandillon through being a teen were wolf who falls in love with Aiden a "meat boy" as her pack mates call him. He is a boy from her new high school and she quickly falls for his easy going attitude and seemingly welcoming group of friends. The writer continuously assures us of Aiden's acceptance of things strange and unusual, even complaining about his parents, saying that they are close minded and how unfair it is.
 Vivian's struggle with the decision to either tell Aiden what she really is or not comes to an end when she decides to dive in full force and reveal herself in a romantic setting of candle light. This of course scares the holy hell out of him and he brutally rejects her. He breaks up with her and tells all of his friends that she was the one who wronged him and it turns them all against her. He also starts dating the one girl in the group that disliked Vivian because she really wanted Aiden herself.
  Now poor Vivian has lost the only friends she has ever really had, the boyfriend that she loved and trusted enough to reveal her deepest darkest secret, and her life is in shambles. There's really no point in continuing to go on with life right? In an attempt to commit suicide she lights herself on fire. Fire people! But wait, it's Gabriel to the rescue. You know, the alpha wolf who is portrayed as "not such a good guy" throughout the entire book? Ya, it turns out that he's not such a bad guy after all.
  A plot to kill Aiden by some of her wolf pack is revealed and Vivian runs off to the river to rescue him where he is waiting for her with a loaded gun to "set her free" from herself. Because it isn't bad enough that he rejected her in every way, turned everyone against her, and completely trampled on her heart, he has to kill her? I mean what the heck, really?
  I get that the writer was going for the "keep them guessing who the bad guys really are" kind of thing but I just feel like the writer lied to us. Most of the book promised that Aiden was a good boy, that he was accepting of paranormal things. All of his character points were a lie. He wasn't any of those things.
  The book left me angry and my heart confused. The writer made us fall in love with Aiden and the idea that the people who love us can accept anything about us because that's what love means.  Then BAM, the message received by the end of this book loud and clear was that the only way to be accepted was to be with your own kind. That love does not overcome predigest and adversity. That when put to the test, the person that claims to love you will screw you in the end because those who are not like you cannot accept who you are. What kind of message is that to the targeted age group for this book?

I gave this book 1 star out of 5.

Happy reading

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Also this week...

"the extraordinary Secrets of April May &  June" by Robin Benway

"Enchanted Ivy" by Sarah Beth Durst

Happy reading


It's here, it's here

 Wow, that was fast. I won a hardback signed copy of "Btrayal" by Lee Nichols and it arrived in less than a week. This is the second book in the Huanting Emma novels. I have put "Deception" at the top of my "Buy" list so that I can read the first one before this one, and did I mention that "Betrayal" was signed?

Here is a link to the first book "Deception"

Here is a link to the book that I won, "Betrayal"

Happy reading.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Sister's Red"

  Book trailer.

 Link to Amazon

   I own this book but the library had the audio book so I checked it out. First, I loved the voices they picked and I love that they chose different people not just one person for all of the characters. I really licked how Jackson Pierce wrote the sister's, who they were. I really liked them as characters.
  There were several places in the book (toward the end mostly) that I had to stop reading and take in the brilliance of Jackson's writing. These parts really amazed me.
  I will say that I knew the twist pretty quickly but it was still a fantastic read. I feel that this book really had that something extra to earn a 5 star rating.

Rating 5/5
Happy reading


Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am soooooooo excited.

  I am soooo excited. I WON A BOOK, squeeeee. I know, it doesn't take much does it, lol. Goodreads your awesome. There was one hardback signed copy, over 800 people entered and my name was picked. Yay,

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Friday, April 8, 2011

"My Blood Approves" book trailer. WATCH It

I loved this book. I thought this book trailer was really cute.


New books this week

Book Haul

I am so thrilled to finally get my copy of "The City of Fallen Angels" by Cassandra Clare. I love the Mortal instruments series (dreamy sigh) and am anxious to get started. I do however have to finish my current reads first, although I took a sneak peek at the first couple of pages.


Queen of Babble

Love Walked In

A bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl

Drive me Crazy


I recieved,
"North of Beautiful"

"Jellicoe Road"


 A few library books

 Ya, so I already own these two books but I thought that it would be fun to get the audio books.

"Sisters Red"


It's really great so far, I really like how they used different voices throughout instead of the same one. I am about half way through and really love it.

"Infinite Days"


I will make sure to post my review of these books when I'm done listening to them.

I have a few exciting books on their way but you will just have to be held in suspence until they arrive.

Happy reading,

"Wither" by Lauren DeStefano

  Book review 

I will start with saying that I loved this book. It was so beautifully poetic that even in times of tragedy and loss I found myself wanting to hold it close, pet it, and tell it how pretty it was. This book is breathtaking from the insanely fantastic cover to the very last page. I found the writing to be captivating and the story easy to fall into. I was emotionally involved from the very first page and I feel like I got who the characters were.
I definitely recommend this book although I do have one small complaint. The ending seemed a tad anticlimactic for me. This in no way detracts from the story as this isn't really the end. I look forward to reading the next two books in this trilogy as well as any future writing of Miss DeStefano.

Happy reading,

"Anna and the French Kiss"

Book review,


Oh good heavens, this novel was amazing. I don't have adequate words to describe it. I read this book in one sitting, and even though at 1:31 AM my lips felt numb from reading out loud (as I do with really good books), my eye's were all crossy and unable to focus, and my brain felt detached from my body, I didn't want this book to end...ever. I actually thrust the book into my chest and hugged it giggling. And then I cried a little, and then I laughed again. Yes, it was very crazy personish and I was glad that no one in my house was awake to witness it.
Seriously, if you don't own this book yet, go buy it right now. I almost want to go purchase one... or three more copies for myself just to have them, that's how great this book is. My only complaint? "Anna and the French Kiss" is now my standard in which to compare all other books in the future. It will be hard to measure up to this book.

Happy reading,