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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dragons and Parasites and Zombies yee ha

"Every Other Day" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


  This is a story about a girl who alternates her days between human and other. One day she's a human high school student who keeps to herself unnoticed, and the next she's a butt kicking demon hunter with supernatural abilities.
  By page 86 I could think only one thing.
 "I can't believe how much I love this book"
 It was witty, funny, and oozed imagination. It had originality, an engrossing and unpredictable story, and Dragons. You can't forget Dragons.
  The action scenes were wicked and non stop.
(quote) " Drenched in blood with bodies spread like petals at my feet." Does that sound like a butt kicking time or what? I had to stop myself from hooting out loud in fear of waking my sleeping family. The way she described things had me so absorbed. It was like I was actually there, fighting hell hounds alongside Kali.
  Everything that happened was unexpected. It was like opening little presents. "Surprise" it would say at each turn in the story. It was truly a joy and one of the funnest books I've ever read.
  The characters were great. The way she made all of them count and become such a part of the story even if they only had one scene spoke highly of her talent for character development. I immediately felt a connection with them just after a few words spoken.
 Kali was a great lead. You couldn't help but get sucked into the heart aching tale of survival, loss, and the sense of being alone, unlike anyone else in existence. I found myself in tears at the tender moments. My emotions all wrapped up in Kali's. Under that kick butt exterior was a girl with very human emotions and attachments. I really loved watching her character develop and evolve throughout the story.
  This is a must have so you should definitely add it to your list of books to buy for December.

5/5 stars       

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