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Thursday, May 12, 2011

"The Ghost and the Goth"

 This is a review for "The Ghost and the Goth" by Stacey Kade.

 I really liked this book. It had the perfect amount of humor, relationship building between the characters, and emotional moments to make this book great.
  The story was told between Will and Alona's point of views, alternating with each chapter. I really love when authors do this. It gives me a good understanding of the characters. I think that Miss Kade's talent really shows through at how the transition between POV flows so easily and how distinct her characters voices were.
  I was a little worried about the ending. I mean, a story about a ghost? How can that end happily right? Well I wont spoil it for you but I was very satisfied with the ending.
  There were never any "Aha" or "Omg, no way" moments, nothing that took me by surprise, but there were plenty of other positives that satisfied. I gave this book a 4/5. It was great and will be checking out the second book in this series "Queen of the Dead"

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't you just love Library sale's? Huge book haul.

 Let me start off with saying that I went to my Goodwill and found some really great books. 20 to be exact. WooHoo, 20 books. All YA books are classified as childrens books so they are 79 cents a book. The pocketbook paperbacks are also 99 cents a book. So I spent about 20 dollars with tax.
  So the next day the Library two towns over was having a books sale. I have been to one other Library sale and it was fabulous, so naturally I was excited. It was pretty small but I got there early so I had the first pick. There were tables and tables filled with wonderful looking books just waiting for me to pick them up and buy them.
  I ran around grabbing books, piling them in the corner until I went through every single book. They were all well organized which was a plus.
  I payed, hauled my "haul" out to the car and drove home. Well I drove to two other Libraries to see what they had in their for sale section, because I didn't have enough books already right? I set them all into piles and stared at them. Yes I stared at them and smiled with glee at my fabulous book haul.
  I counted 85 books, yes that's 85 books, hehe. Add that to the 20 books I got the day before and that adds up to the biggest book haul in history. !05 books. Can you imagine my happiness? Through some very creative piling and shoving they all fit on my existing shelves but pretty much put me at capacity. So now my plan is to switch my hobby room with my son's room (the biggest room in the house) and turn that into a hobby/Library. We gave him that room with the condition that he would keep it clean or at least make an effort and 6 months later you can't even walk into it. So it's mine, mwahahah. Just think, my own Library. (Happy sigh)

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"The Truth About Forever"

 Book review of "The Truth About Forever" by Sarah Dessen

I have 9 Sarah Dessen books. Yes that would be 9 and for some reason I have not read any of them until now. They have been sitting on my shelf even though everyone in the entire book world talks about her. I received each one, said "Aw what a pretty cover" and set it on my shelf. I would find another one, order it, and would I read it? No " Aw pretty cover" then on the shelf it went.
  I received my ninth book by her in the mail yesterday. After admiring the cover I was about to place it home where the rest of her book reside when I gave a slight pause. I realized that I was between YA books and figured it was about time I read one of hers. I looked over all the tittles and decided on this one, the thickest one I had.
  Why did I wait so long? Don't you hate when you finally get to a book that has been sitting on your shelf for a year, read it, and it is the most fantastic book ever? All the other books that could never compare to said book play through your mind and you actually get mad at yourself for wasting your time on such crap. " I could have been reading "The Truth About Forever" instead of...
   If you haven't gathered yet how I felt about  this book I can make it a little clearer.  I loved this book.
  I really did. I wasn't surprised, I knew that it would be good. Let me remind you that I owned 9 books of an author before I had even read one paragraph of her writing. I just assumed that I would love her.
  I am taking it apon myself to give her the title "Queen of Contemporary YA Fiction" it's a mouthful I know, but she has earned this tittle. Book after book of fantastic writing and a huge fan base is proof that she is the best. Granted I have only read one of her books so far but if her other books are anything like this one, which I'm guessing will be the case, she is my new favorite.
  The book was full of lovable characters, with the exception of a few that I loved to hate, and fantastic story. I laughed, cried, and fell in love along with the characters. Miss Dessen's writing really drew me in from the first word and held me until the very last. The way she tells a story had me pausing just to take it in. I would close my eye's and replay it in my mind. That's what really made this book great. Those little moments.
  I look forward to all of her other books and am excited that I don't have to wait so long before I can read another one of her books just as so many long time fans have had to.

5 star book.
Happy reading,

Monday, May 2, 2011


 This is a review for "Ascension" by Sable Grace. This book is an adult paranormal romance and suggested for readers 18 and older.


  I loved this book. There was never a dull moment with the non stop action and romantic friction causing all the right kind of tension I expect in a good book. Though "Ascension" would have been much better categorized as Urban Fantasy, the romance was certainly present.
  The writers have created a world where all things myth and legend exist. It fit together seamlessly, all of the mythical creatures co-existing to produce a completely original story. I mean God's, Vampyre's, Werewolves, and zombies? Who knew the greatness of all these legendary creatures could fit so well into 374 pages?
  I really liked all of the characters but my favorite had to be Kyana. Her endless quips had me laughing out loud, drawing attention from the people around me at Starbucks- my favorite place to read. - At one point the woman across from me commented
 "Wow, that must be a really good book"
 If it hadn't been a questionably appropriate part I would have re-read the scene for her out loud. The delicious picture would have had the older woman's face burning and would have sent her scrambling to cover her granddaughter's ears.
  There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing until the very end. A certain revelation had me falling off of my couch in pleasant shock. I still giggle about it when I think back.
  I am anxious to see the reaction of all of the characters to the finale twist in the end as well as the character development throughout the rest of the series. 
  The end left me pining after the next installment, eager to have all of my lingering questions answered and excited to visit again.
  My only complaint is the confusion I felt when the Point of View would switch because there was no warning that this would happen. One minute we would be in Kyana's head and then next Ryker's. When I figured out that the POV had switched, I would have to go back and re-read those few sentences. A larger space between the paragraph's indicating a POV switch would have been helpful.
  In all a very minor negative compared to so many positives in this fantastic debut. Buy this book, you will not be disappointed.

Happy reading,